Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas

As the holiday season rolls around, you may find yourself lost as you look at your list of gift recipients. The options are endless, making it easy to get lost in all the choices. From tech to kitchen gifts, we can help you figure out the best present that your loved ones will adore and you can feel good about. No matter who you have in mind, our comprehensive holiday gift guide can help you find the perfect gifts for everyone this holiday season.

Whether you're on a budget or your gift exchanging group declared a set price limit for gifts, you can find quality gifts that cost no more than $50.

Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas

Whether you're on a budget or your gift exchanging group declared a set price limit for gifts, you can find quality gifts that cost no more than $50. If you're shopping for a white elephant gift exchange or if you just want to find a little something to give to the people you love, there are lots of fun choices.

These options make perfect holiday gifts for employees or co-workers if you give presents at work this year. Check out our top picks for budget gifts below:

Under $15 — Music Playing Cards

For the person who loves card games and pop culture, gift them this unique set of playing cards that feature a singer on each card. The suits align with different genres, such as hearts for pop and diamonds for rock. Some cards even use witty and fitting choices, like how Freddy Mercury is the queen of his suit. This gift is perfect for white elephants, stocking stuffers, secret Santas or gift-giving on a budget.

Under $25 — Soft Pretzel Baking Kit

If you want to give something more involved than a deck of cards, you can expand your budget and consider this soft pretzel baking kit. Perfect for the beginner baker or the friend always craving street food, the kit includes ingredients and instructions to make around 12 pretzels.

Under $50 — Glass Water Bottle

Maybe you have a higher budget or you want to give a gift with an expensive feel. A glass water bottle is perfect for the person who loves to stay hydrated and cares about the environment. Kick plastic water bottles to the curb with this modern, eco-friendly option. Plus, you can choose from a variety of color options, making it a personable gift for anyone. Each bottle is lightweight and easy to clean.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

Beeswax Candles
Dry Brush
Yoga Mat

Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

If you're searching for that perfect gift for the remarkable woman in your life, whether your wife, daughter or mother, you can use this holiday gift guide to explore your options and find the best Christmas gifts for her. Get her something this Christmas she can use every day and that will make her think of you each time she sees it. The following are three gift ideas that will wow her and make her feel special this holiday season:

Beeswax Candles

For the woman who loves to burn candles, you can gift her with a beeswax version this year. Beeswax candles are hypo-allergenic and burn cleaner than traditional kinds. They are almost entirely smoke and soot-free with no added dyes. She can enjoy this unique candle knowing it was sustainably sourced and made of 100% natural ingredients.

Dry Brush

If you’re buying for a woman in your life who loves skin care, a dry brush is a perfect gift. These brushes are a fabulous idea for the woman who has everything. They eliminate dry skin and help get rid of dead skin cells, leaving behind soft and glowy-looking skin. For the environmentally aware, this is even better since there are no plastic pieces or other hard-to-decompose elements.

Yoga Mat

Every yoga enthusiast will appreciate a functional and stylish yoga mat. The mat consists of a lightweight material that's easy for transportation and maintenance. It comes in two reversible color options, so you can find the best fit for her yoga requirements while fitting her style.

Whether she wants to get a workout in or do some easy stretching, this gift gives her a comfortable place for getting in movement. This is a great Christmas gift idea for her this holiday season!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

Shopping for Christmas gifts for him can be tricky. Maybe he already has everything or claims to need nothing. Fortunately, you can use these Christmas gift ideas to help guide you to the perfect present for him this holiday season. Get him something he'll use every day or something meaningful he'll treasure forever! These are useful and fun gift ideas to impress the men on your list this holiday season.

Insulated Koozie

One thing all men can agree on is that drinks are better cold! When shopping for the men in your life this year, consider picking out an insulated koozie. Whether they're having a beer or soda, these covers keep their drinks cold for longer. This is a gift that he will enjoy all year long.

Wooden Bookmarks

If he loves to read, gift him a beautifully handcrafted bookmark. Made of all-natural wood, these markers are perfect for the men in your life that care about sustainability. These will elevate any reading experience since they're sturdy and durable while also looking sleek.

Custom Cuff Links

For something personal and sentimental, you can gift him custom cuff links. These brass cuff links are customizable with personalized initials just for him. Giving him something special does not have to be expensive!

When searching for Christmas gift ideas for him, consider something small and meaningful this holiday season.

Best Holiday Gifts In Technology

Smart Speaker

Smart Light Bulb

Wireless Charger

Best Holiday Gifts in Technology

If you're searching for the best holiday gifts for 2021 for the tech lovers in your life, you have many options. These are fun investments that can help connect your family and friends during the holiday season. Tech gifts don't have to break the bank. There are lots of devices that will make life easier and more fun this year that come with inexpensive price tags. Consider gifting your loved ones something they can use every day.

If you're looking to make a little extra cash this holiday season, consider trading in your used phones. The money you receive can go towards gifts that wow your loved ones!

Smart Speaker

For the person who cherishes music, gift them a smart speaker this holiday season. It's easy to use — they can wirelessly connect their phone directly to the device. Then, they can listen to their favorite songs and podcasts with ease. The speaker's small size makes it portable, so they can move it to any room they want! They'll also be able to use the device's smart assistant capabilities.

Smart Light Bulb

A smart light bulb is a great option for loved ones of all ages. These gifts can easily replace regular bulbs and they have an accompanying smartphone app. On the app, people can find endless color options for setting the perfect ambiance. Whether they want a cool-toned white or hot pink glow, they can find the exact color and dimness for any situation.

Wireless Charger

If you're shopping for tech gifts this holiday season, consider picking up a wireless charger. These are great for people who spend a lot of time on their phones. There are many options available so you can find one that is compatible with your loved one's smartphone.

This is a fun tech gift that's also functional and takes up little space. Some versions can also charge wireless headphones and other tech devices, making it the perfect gift for the tech lovers in your life.

Home and Kitchen Holiday Gifts

The holidays are a terrific time to gift practical presents — and homeware is the perfect example. Whether your loved ones love to cook or they're just getting started in the kitchen, there's a variety of exciting gifts to browse. Use this holiday gift guide for home and kitchen gifts to help them revamp and ease their everyday lives. From appliances to roasters, we've got you covered.

Mini Waffle Maker

For the at-home brunch lovers, consider gifting them a mini waffle maker. This gift idea is perfect for people with small kitchens or limited space in tiny apartments or dorm rooms. They're small enough to fit in a drawer and they come in many different vibrant colors. You can find the perfect option to accompany their other kitchen appliances.

A mini waffle maker is a convenient alternative to clunky, full-sized options. With this gift, the people in your life can make personal waffles in just minutes and waste less energy.

Cast-Iron Garlic Roaster

If you know someone who loves to cook but claims to have every tool they need, this garlic roaster will be the perfect Christmas gift idea. This versatile tool works with all kitchen appliances, including grills and ovens, to add flavorful fire-roasted garlic to every meal. If you have a garlic enthusiast in your life, consider gifting them the garlic roaster to enhance their cooking experience.

Reusable Silicone Straws

If you're on the hunt for a gift that gives back to the environment, consider getting a pack of reusable silicone straws this year. Your loved ones can enjoy any beverage from coffee to cocktails with these straws. They replace disposable, plastic options and can be washed again and again. The person in your life who receives these will appreciate their functionality and sleek look.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Different Hobbies

When trying to find that perfect holiday gift for your loved ones, you can think about the things they love most to help point you in the right direction. Whatever their hobby, you can explore gift cards, accessories and tools to better their experiences and start their year with a new way to interact with their favorite pastime.

The following are gift ideas for people who have unique hobbies like camping or singing. These presents are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces.

For the Traveller — An Airbnb Giftcard

If you have a loved one who's always on the move, you can assist them on their next adventure with a gift card from Airbnb. With a gift card, you can choose how much you want to give them, with a wide range from $25 to $500, so you can stay within your budget. Further, gift cards give your loved ones freedom to choose the details of their next trip — they can apply their gift card to stay in the city of their dreams or another adventure along the way.

For an extra personal touch, you can customize how your gift card looks. Additionally, you can write a message for your recipient to leave them with something meaningful from you.

For the Singer — Karaoke Microphone Speaker

Whether they're amazing singers or not, your friend who always seizes the chance to sing in the car or at the bar will love their own personal karaoke microphone speaker. The speaker works wirelessly and is small and lightweight, so your friends can bring it for portable fun wherever your adventures take you. Additionally, the speaker can connect to an app via smartphones to choose songs and background music.

For the Frequent Camper — Portable Shower

For the loved one who's always outdoors and exploring the wildness, gift them with a portable shower bag they can bring with them on their next camping trip.

These bags allow campers to take a warm shower at the end of the day. All your loved ones need to do is place the bag in full sunlight for 3-4 hours or add hot water and they can enjoy a refreshing, warm, comfortable shower even while camping. Each bag holds enough water to wash off dirt and grime from being outdoors.

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