ecoATM vs. Samsung Trade-In

ecoATM vs. Samsung Trade-In

When it's time to get a new phone, you've got a lot of options. You even get to choose what you'll do with your old phone. For most people, a trade-in is the best option. You get to put the value of your used device toward your new one and, ideally, keep your phone out of a landfill — it's a win-win!

Not all trade-in partners are the same. If you're buying a Samsung® phone, you might think you need to trade in your phone with them. Fortunately, that's not the case. Samsung's trade-ins are somewhat limited, and they can take a while. With ecoATM, you can trade in your device quickly and easily. We offer cash or recycling and a much faster process. Plus, we're fighting for the planet!

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Let's explore the differences between a Samsung trade-in and an ecoATM trade-in.

How Do Samsung Trade-Ins Work?

A Samsung trade-in gives you credit toward a new phone. It must be a brand-new Galaxy device, and you must buy it through Samsung. The Samsung trade-in process looks like this:

  1. You enter basic information about your phone on Samsung's website.
  2. The website estimates the phone's value and gives you Samsung's trade-in offer.The website estimates the phone's value and gives you Samsung's trade-in offer.
  3. It takes that amount off the price of your new phone.
  4. You order the new phone and get it shipped to you.
  5. Once it arrives, you activate the new phone and transfer your data to it.
  6. You package up your old phone and ship it to Samsung.
  7. Samsung evaluates the device. If your phone matches the condition you entered on the website, you're all done! If not, you have to request the phone be shipped back to you. You may be charged the value of your trade-in credit.

Samsung also offers a Family Trade-In program. It lets you trade in up to four devices, but it's mostly the same as a single trade-in. It doesn't give you any additional credit. You'll need to buy as many phones as you're trading in.

Eligible Devices

Thankfully, Samsung can take almost any device for trade-in. You can trade in plenty of smartphones, whether they were made by Samsung or another manufacturer. The Samsung trade-in value list includes phones from:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • LG
  • OnePlus
  • Motorola
  • Kyocera

Samsung takes most modern phones. If your device is particularly old, you may not be able to trade it in.

Samsung takes most modern phones. If your device is particularly old, you may not be able to trade it in. For example, you can't trade in an Apple® iPhone 5 or an older iPhone. Samsung also takes trade-ins for tablets and wearables from most major brands.

Payment Options

Unfortunately, your only option with Samsung is to get a trade-in credit. Remember, this credit only goes to new devices bought through Samsung. You can't put it toward a used or refurbished device. You also can't use it for something else, like an accessory or to pad your bank account.

Some other trade-in programs will ask you to pay the full price upfront. Then, they refund you the difference after evaluating your device. Samsung's trade-in credit appears right away.

Preparation Requirements

Samsung asks you to get your phone ready before sending it in. If you don't, they might reject the trade-in.

To ensure your Samsung trade-in goes smoothly, you need to:

  • Remove all of your personal information and data
  • Remove your SIM card and memory card
  • Disable security locks, such as Factory Reset Protection and Activation Lock
  • Perform a full factory reset on the device

Trade-In Locations

Samsung doesn't take trade-ins at any physical location. You'll need to send your phone to them. Samsung provides a printable shipping label but no box. You'll need to find a reliable box and pack it up well. If not, it could be damaged during shipping. If it fits, you could place it in the box your new phone came in.

If you're trading in multiple phones, you'll need to ship them separately.

Condition Requirements

Samsung generally only takes devices that work well. Your trade-in with Samsung must:

  • Power on without powering off unexpectedly
  • Hold a charge
  • Have a functioning display without black spots or pixelation
  • Have a functioning charging port free of corrosion
  • Be fully owned by you — i.e., not leased
  • Not be on any kind of banned list
  • Be prepared according to the requirements we mentioned earlier

The only kind of physical damage Samsung accept on a trade-in is a crack. Cracks reduce your phone's trade-in value. If your phone has any of the following issues, you can't trade it in:

  • Multiple scratches, dents and dings
  • Water damage
  • Corrosion on the battery terminal contacts or SIM
  • A damaged or swollen battery
  • Defects beyond normal wear and tear

Samsung values your device at $0 if your phone isn't eligible for trade-in. You have seven days to request it gets sent back. Samsung will cover the shipping charges.

Time Commitment

The Samsung trade-in program can take a while. Punching in your phone's details is quick. Then, you must wait for your new phone to get to you. After you transfer your data, you have to deal with shipping. You may need to find a box and packing materials. If you don't have a printer, you need to find one. When you finally send the phone off, you still have to pay attention. You'll need to watch your email to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Between shipping and the evaluation process, you might be waiting a month for the whole process to finish!

Environmental Initiatives

Like many phone companies, Samsung has jumped on the environmentally friendly train. It's working on using more sustainable materials in its electronics and packaging. For example, your next phone might have some recycled materials in it. It could come in a box that's more sustainable. Samsung also aims to make energy-efficient products.

How Do ecoATM Trade-Ins Work?

Trading in your phone with ecoATM is easier, faster and more flexible. Simply take your phone to one of our kiosks. They're located across the United States. The kiosk evaluates your phone right there — even if the smartphone is damaged or not working. If we can, we'll make a cash offer on the spot. If your phone doesn't have any value, we can collect it for reuse or recycling.

Eligible Devices

ecoATM has one of the longest lists of accepted devices. We take phones from:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • ZTE

You can even trade in very old phones with ecoATM. For instance, we take iPhones all the way back to the original!

Payment Options

ecoATM doesn't deal in credits. We don't do gift cards or make you wait to get your money. If we can make an offer, we'll pay you in cold, hard cash. It gets dispensed on the spot after you accept.

ecoATM doesn't deal in credits. We don't do gift cards or make you wait to get your money. If we can make an offer, we'll pay you in cold, hard cash. It gets dispensed on the spot after you accept.

Preparation Requirements

Like Samsung, we ask you to do a few things before your trade-in:

  • Back up all your data, such as photos, videos and apps
  • Wipe or factory reset your phone to protect your information
  • Remove any accessories, like cases and screen protectors
  • Charge your device, if possible
  • Turn off Find My iPhone, if applicable
  • Scan your state or government-issued ID

These steps help us comply with legal requirements and keep your personal information safe.

Trade-In Locations

You'll find ecoATM kiosks all over the United States. We have over 5,900 kiosks located in familiar places, like grocery stores and malls. You may have one just down the road! Plus, you don't need to deal with packing and shipping your device.

Another issue with in-person trade-ins or shipments is getting there while they're open. Maybe you work during normal office hours. By the time you can get to the post office, they could be closed. Many ecoATM kiosks are accessible at odd hours. For example, you might find one in a grocery store open in the late evening. Trade in your phone on your schedule.

Condition Requirements

Unlike Samsung, we take phones in any condition. Damage or power issues might reduce your ecoATM trade-in value, but that certainly doesn't stop us from taking it.

An ecoATM kiosk typically accepts phones with the following issues:

  • Cracked, shattered or scratched screens
  • Power issues
  • Slow or laggy performance
  • Peeled paint on buttons
  • Scuffs and chips on the body of the phone
  • Damaged batteries
  • Heavy wear and tear

Condition is just one of the aspects we'll review at the kiosk. We'll also look at the specs, like how much storage space it has and which carrier it's for.

Time Commitment

Your ecoATM trade-in happens right at the kiosk — no shipping or waiting required. We assess the device right away. You can trade in your phone for cash or recycle it in under 10 minutes.

Environmental Initiatives

Electronic waste (e-waste) is a huge problem. It can cause toxic materials to leach into the environment. They may contaminate the food supply and hurt wildlife. Discarded phones can even add to the scarcity of precious metals, which are in limited supply. Throwing out your phone also keeps it from going to someone who could use it.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says only about 25% of all electronics get recycled. As of 2022, ecoATM has collected over 37 million devices. We give phones a chance at a new life. We keep them out of landfills whenever possible and ensure responsible recycling.

Samsung trade-ins require shipping materials. When you consider everyone trading in their devices, those impacts can add up! ecoATM can help you eliminate the need for shipping. We're committed to fighting e-waste and keeping our blue marble safe.

Why Use ecoATM for Your Trade-In

Why Use ecoATM for Your Trade-In

When you trade your phone in with Samsung, it's a slow process that only works if you're buying a pricy brand-new phone. ecoATM is a lot easier and way more flexible. With ecoATM, you get:

A hassle-free experience
Contact-free evaluations
On-the-spot cash
No strings attached
An environmentally aware business
Trade-ins for any device

When you trade your phone in with Samsung, it's a slow process that only works if you're buying a pricy brand-new phone. ecoATM is a lot easier and way more flexible. With ecoATM, you get:

  • A hassle-free experience: Let's face it — shipping is a hassle. With ecoATM, you don't need to find a box or wait at the post office. You don't need a printer, either. Just head to a nearby kiosk and plug in your phone. You can be done with the whole process in minutes.
  • Contact-free evaluations: Like Samsung, you don't need to talk to anyone to trade in your phone. That means no one is trying to sell you an expensive plan or accessories you don't need. You also don't need to fight the crowds or make an appointment.
  • On-the-spot cash: ecoATM doesn't require you to buy something else. If we give you an offer, you'll get paid in cash that day. We won't make you wait for weeks to get a quote. We also don't make you wonder if you did everything right to get the full amount. You can use your payment toward a new phone or, well, anything else!
  • No strings attached: With no contracts and cash payouts, you can buy any phone you want. You aren't tied to one company or a long-term commitment. Samsung only puts trade-ins toward new Galaxy devices. With ecoATM cash payouts, you can buy used phones or other brands.
  • An environmentally aware business: We're big on helping the planet. It's even in our name! An ecoATM trade-in helps you rest easy. You know you're doing your part for future generations.
  • Trade-ins for any device: ecoATM takes phones from any manufacturer in any condition. Samsung does not. A cracked or malfunctioning phone is still welcome at our kiosks.

In short, ecoATM is one of the best ways to trade in a phone. It's convenient, fast and fair.

Signs It's Time to Trade In Your Device

Still not sure if you should trade in your phone? We want you to make your phone last as long as possible. Still, if you're dealing with any of these issues, it might be time for a new one:

  • Slow speeds: Older phones may struggle to keep up with new software. Normal wear and tear can also slow you down. If your phone is lagging or glitching, it could be getting outdated.
  • Damage: Of course, a damaged phone isn't ideal. Many phones work well with minor damage. A small scratch or a crack in the screen might not affect its functionality. Other problems, like a dented case or a shattered screen, could get in the way. Either way, damage often points toward getting a new phone.
  • Disuse: Do you have a phone just sitting in a drawer somewhere? You can declutter and maybe earn some money at the same time!
  • New options: Is a new phone calling your name? Trading in your old one can help offset the cost of a new phone.
  • Storage limitations: Many users fill up their phones. Apps, photos and many other items will take up space. If you're constantly out of storage space, you may need a new phone.

Find an ecoATM Kiosk to Trade In Your Phone Today!

Whether you're buying a new Samsung phone or just decluttering, we make it simple. 

Why Use ecoATM for Your Trade-In

ecoATM is the go-to method for trading in a used phone. Whether you're buying a new Samsung phone or just decluttering, we make it simple. You can avoid shipping, potentially get cash and finish your trade-in quickly. With conveniently located kiosks, it's easy to do your part for the planet.

You can even get started online. Head to the ecoATM Price My Device tool. Then, find an ecoATM kiosk near you to get trading!