Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Saying that our moms are special is really an understatement — their love, sacrifices and guidance have gotten us through a lot. As you reflect on the positive impact your mom has had on you this Mother's Day, consider the importance of Mother Earth as well. The planet supports human life, and humans have a responsibility to care for it in return. Show the Earth some love with these green gifts for Mom.

Your mom might care for the Earth with her vibrant garden or love to donate and recycle used items. Whatever your mom's passion, finding eco-friendly Mother's Day gifts is a great way to show your love while caring for the Earth. Check out these sustainable Mother's Day gift ideas for some inspiration.

The Importance of Green Mother's Day Gifts

The planet needs our attention and action more than ever. Buying eco-friendly Mother's Day gifts can reduce a host of impacts like:

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Exposures to toxins
  • Damage to ecosystems

When you buy greener products, you protect the environment and promote human health. Choosing green Mother's Day gifts is a win-win. You make your mom feel special and contribute to a greener Earth. That's something everyone can feel good about.

An excellent place to start is with a reusable gift or one that's made from materials already in use. You can also look for products from companies that use organic, all-natural materials. To streamline your search, we've compiled the best Mother's Day gifts. Your mom is sure to obsess over these picks that will also make the planet a better place:

Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts For the recycler

Recycled Material Jewelry
Reusable Water Bottles
Reusable Sandwich Bags
Reusable Shopping Bags

Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts for the Recycler

Some of the best gifts for eco-friendly moms are made from recycled materials. These Mother's Day gift ideas are a treasure trove of items for the mom who loves to reuse and recycle:

1. Recycled Material Jewelry

Upcycled items always make good Mother's Day gifts for the Earth-conscious mama. Maybe you made jewelry for your mom in elementary school out of bottle caps or an egg carton. This Mother's Day, get her some accessories that are a little more elegant but just as good for the environment.

The sustainable jewelry market has taken off in recent years. Jewelry made from recycled materials can be just as fashionable as name-brand products. Nisolo offers dainty upcycled earrings and bangles handmade by Nigerian artisans. For the mom who loves pops of color, check out WorldFinds' fair trade jewelry made from upcycled textiles.

2. Reusable Water Bottles

Help your mom hydrate with a reusable water bottle. Americans buy about 50 million single-use plastic water bottles every year. All that plastic adds up to a lot of waste. One person can keep up to 156 plastic bottles out of landfills annually by switching to reusable water bottles. Gifting your mom a reusable water bottle can help her kick plastic bottles to the curb.

S'well makes reusable bottles your mom is sure to love. Their stainless steel bottles are BPA-free. They keep liquids cold or hot for hours and come in styles for every taste. S'well also wants to help communities through donations, so you know your purchase goes far.

3. Reusable Sandwich Bags

Plastics can last for tens or even hundreds of years in a landfill. In a society that uses so many single-use plastics, this is a real problem. Using more durable, longer-lasting products helps reduce waste and can save you money.

You're familiar with reusable plastic food containers. Now meet the reusable sandwich bag from The Container Store. These silicone bags come in several styles and sizes. The bags are also sturdy enough to last. Whatever your mom's needs, you can find reusable bags that fit her lifestyle.

4. Reusable Shopping Bags

Create a greener shopping experience for your mom with reusable shopping bags. Mom can use these bags for groceries and other shopping trips. With many varieties and styles to pick from, eco-friendly shopping bags are here to stay. A collapsible tote from Clevermade is an excellent choice. The sturdy construction makes these totes easy to load at the store. Each bag provides plenty of space and can haul up to 30 pounds.

BeeGreen also makes reusable shopping bags that are collapsible and easy to store. Your mom can stash these bags in their carrying pouch in the car, then bring them out when she needs them. Each bag is waterproof and reinforced to carry up to 50 pounds. BeeGreen's bags are also machine washable.

All-Natural Gifts for Mom

• Essential Oils
• Bath Bombs
• Household Cleaners
• Hand Lotion

All-Natural Gifts for Mom

There's something rejuvenating about using products made from nourishing, all-natural materials. Give your mom the gift of trustworthy ingredients with these all-natural Mother's Day gifts:

5. Essential Oils

When you're looking for multipurpose green gifts for Mom, essential oils are a great pick. Essential oils come in an assortment of luxurious scents, so your mom might enjoy a multipack for some variety. Look for essential oils from an eco-friendly line that uses sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Essential oils have several uses, including:

  • Aromatherapy:Many people enjoy diffusing essential oils into the air. Different oils have different benefits. These include boosting the mood, promoting relaxation and improving sleep.
  • Cleaning: Some essential oils can kill bacteria and viruses. When added to cleaning solutions, they make excellent cleaners. These oils are an all-natural addition to manufactured and homemade cleaning products.
  • Pain relief: Some essential oils are helpful for soothing minor pains. For instance, lemon oil can reduce pain, while peppermint oil eases headaches and can settle an upset stomach.

6. Bath Bombs

Moms can always use a chance to wind down and relax. An at-home spa night can be the perfect way to show your mom your appreciation for all she does. Give her peace of mind with spa products made from all-natural materials. Look for products free from harmful additives and chemicals so she can feel confident in what she uses.

Help your mom make the most of me-time with all-natural bath bombs from Liv Naturally Co. These bath bombs use all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, Epsom salt and essential oils. Mom will also be confident knowing bath bombs from Liv Naturally Co. are free of dyes, fragrances and parabens.

7. Hand Lotion

The mom who loves to nourish her skin will appreciate an all-natural hand lotion. The Nourishing Lavender hand lotion is the perfect addition to her skincare routine. Avalon Organics makes vegan and organic products for people who want to use goods with ingredients they recognize.

This lotion is crafted without genetically modified organisms (GMOs). There are also no synthetic colors, fragrances or phthalates. Instead, Avalon Organics packs its formula with organic ingredients. Your mom will love layering on this luxurious cream before bed.

Bulbs and Seeds

Composting Bin

Smart Garden

Eco-Friendly Planters

Gifts For Earthy Moms

All-Natural Gifts for Mom

Whether your mom is an avid gardener or just wants to support local wildlife, find a gift to help her in her mission. Check out these gifts for eco-friendly moms who want to care for the planet:

8. Bulbs and Seeds

Caring for a garden is a fantastic way to protect the planet wherever you are. If your mom already has a flower bed or wants to start one soon, buy her some bulbs and seeds to plant. Adding flowers and other greenery will make her yard look amazing and help the earth simultaneously. Pick flower varieties that will attract pollinators like butterflies, bees and other insects.

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply offers flower bulbs that provide gorgeous blooms all spring and summer. Peaceful Valley sells organic and non-GMO flower, vegetable and fruit seeds for every type of gardener. If you want to plant a tree in honor of someone this Mother's Day, you can also find saplings like fruit and nut trees.

9. Composting Bin

A composter allows you to turn organic waste into fertilizer instead of dumping it into a landfill. Gardening moms will love the opportunity to reduce household waste and make their own compost from food scraps.

A countertop compost bin from Bamboozle is an eco-friendly version. The bin is made from biodegradable bamboo and contains smells. The Bamboozle composter is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

For moms with a large garden, try a compost bin from Wayfair. The heavy-duty composter sits outdoors and features a tumbling design that lets Mom mix the compost to create fertilizer faster. With a composter, your mom will always have the perfect fertilizer on hand for her plants.

10. Smart Garden

Help your mom enjoy a mini garden in her kitchen or living room with an indoor smart garden from Click and Grow. This indoor garden uses LED lights to create nursery-like conditions that grow plants from pre-seeded pods. You can choose from several styles of smart gardens, which are all great for small spaces. An indoor garden lets Mom grow her flowers and herbs all year long.

Choose from several plants like lettuce, mint and chili peppers, or pick a flower or herb variety pack. An indoor smart garden also reduces the use of grocery store packaging.

11. Eco-Friendly Planters

Plants are eco-friendly gifts because they are biodegradable. However, many plants come in plastic containers that are not as easy on the earth. Completing this list of gifts for earthy moms is an eco-friendly planter that she can reuse for years to come. These eclectic planters from Viva Terra are made from various upcycled materials. You can find planters made from eco-friendly materials, such as seagrass, teak wood and recycled glass.

Ten Thousand Villages has a wide selection of Fair Trade planters. These planters would make unique Mother's Day gifts for the earth-conscious mom. Each one is handmade in India and Bangladesh from terracotta or recycled tires.

All-Natural Gifts for Mom

Looking for sustainable Mother's Day gifts that won't negatively impact the Earth? These gifts are all sustainably made from natural materials:

12. Candle

Help your mom enjoy a relaxing evening with a beautifully scented candle. Slow-burning tallow candles from Summer Solace are a great option. With delicious scents like fig and strawberry mélange and iris, you're sure to find an aroma your mom will love. These candles are made from the rendered fat of pasture-raised cattle and local beeswax and have eco-cotton wicks. You can also reuse the recycled glass container once the candle's gone.

Beeswax is another sustainable material for making candles. The pure beeswax candles from Bee You Organics contain organic beeswax sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest. Mom can reuse the tin for storage once she's enjoyed her candle.

13. Plant-Dyed Scarf

For the fashion-forward mom, pick out a truly unique accessory. Consider a plant-dyed scarf from Modern Shibori if your mom loves sustainable accessories. These linen and silk scarves are hand-dyed with certified organic fabrics and dyes from plants grown on-site in California. Modern Shibori also minimizes water consumption and uses recycled packaging for each item.

14. Skincare Products

Pamper Mom even more with a range of skincare products from cocokind. This company uses botanical blends to moisturize and enhance the skin's natural barrier. With nourished-looking and -feeling skin, your mom can feel her best from the inside out.

You'll find products for every kind of skin at cocokind. All cocokind products are certified vegan, except the products that contain beeswax. The woman-owned company also offsets its carbon footprint and puts a big emphasis on sustainability. From creams and cleansers to sunscreens and serums, the options abound.

15. A Subscription or Membership

One of the best eco-friendly gifts for Mom is a zero-waste subscription or membership. You can pick a membership for a streaming service or local museum or theater. You might also choose a sustainable subscription, like one of these:

  • One Village Coffee: This certified Fair Trade coffee company is based in Pennsylvania. A Roaster's Pick subscription will get your mom a hand-picked blend. You can choose any quantity and frequency you like.
  • Misfits Market: Just because produce is ugly doesn't mean it isn't tasty. That's the idea behind Misfits Market=. This grocery service supplies organic and sustainably-sourced produce, meats and dairy products.

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Finding eco-friendly gifts for moms can take some research. However, it's well worth the time when you can find gifts that fit your budget and are good for the planet. Moms who care about their impact on the Earth will be grateful you took the time to find a gift they can feel good about. And all of us can stand behind products and companies working to make the Earth a better place. This year, care for your mom and the planet with an eco-friendly Mother's Day.

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