Black Friday Phone Deals 2021

Black Friday Phone Deals 2021

If a new phone is on your radar, Black Friday is the perfect time to buy. You can get just about any device on some kind of sale. Consider grabbing a new device with deep discounts or bonus perks. Even brands that rarely go on sale offer deals this time of year. Friday isn't the only day to shop, either. Many deals run the entire week. The whole month is full of Black Friday sales for phones. Are you looking for a phone that's unlocked, on contract, top-of-the-line or pre-paid? We've got you covered with Black Friday cell phone deals for 2021.

When Deals Start

Black Friday is November 26th. You'll typically find the best Black Friday phone deals on Thanksgiving weekend. Still, many sales start right after Halloween. Phone sales tend to get better and better toward Thanksgiving. Of course, prices really fall on Black Friday weekend.

So, should you jump on these deals? Well, it depends on your budget and how steep the discount is. Waiting for Black Friday can be a gamble. Many stores can only offer a deal as long as they have the item in stock. If they run out before then, you can't buy. The same idea applies to items sold over the weekend. If you don't want to buy on Friday, you might be facing out-of-stock items on Saturday. 

Be sure to check the fine print on the ads, too. It isn't too common with phones, but some deals are doorbusters. These may only last a few hours. Remember, stores generally won't price match on this weekend. 

If heading out after Thanksgiving dinner isn't your thing, don't forget about Cyber Monday. The discounts tend to rival Black Friday — and you can get them from the comfort of your couch. For many people, it's worth it just to avoid the crowds and still get a good deal

What to Expect

Every year is different, but we have a good idea of what the Black Friday phone deals for 2021 will look like based on last year's sales. We expect discounts on unlocked devices and promotions that reduce the price over the course of a two-year carrier contract. The main exception here is Apple. You probably won't find an unlocked iPhone at a deep discount. This is because Apple doesn't allow other retailers to sell unlocked iPhones. Apple sales are usually more moderate.

Of course, the higher the regular price, the steeper the discount you can find. Unlocked phones are not tied to a contract and usually come down by a few hundred dollars. Phones on contract tie you to a carrier. The carriers want you to come to them, so they drop contract phones dramatically. Last year, even the newish iPhone 12 came down to $100.

Generally, you'll see the biggest discounts on phones from the year before. This year, we should see significant drops on the iPhone 12, since the iPhone 13 just came out in September. The Galaxy S21 came out way back in January, so that phone should still see strong discounts before the S22 is released early next year.

Other types of deals include:

  • BOGOs: Buy-one-get-one deals are common. You could get a second phone for free or at a discounted price.
  • Bonuses for switching: Many carriers offer an extra discount if you're coming from another carrier.
  • Free items with purchase: Sellers may offer free accessories with purchase, such as Galaxy Buds, AirPods or charging pads.
  • Free gift cards with purchase: Some sellers will offer gift cards with the purchase of a phone.
  • Discounts on plans: These are rarer, but you may see lower prices on phone plans.

Read the fine print so you know what the deal entails.
 If you're not interested in switching carriers or signing a contract, you'll need to look for unlocked phones that don't involve those requirements. Pre-paid phones are often included in Black Friday deals, too.

Keep in mind that many of these deals are tied to post-paid plans. The deal might not apply to all storage options or colors, either. Again, read the fine print so you know what the deal entails. If you don't want to switch carriers or sign a contract, you'll need to look for unlocked phones. They typically don't have the same requirements. Pre-paid phones are often included in Black Friday deals, too.

Where to Look

Where to Look

As we approach Black Friday, you'll start seeing tons of ads. Some of the best places to look include: 

• Carrier sites
• Manufacturer sites
• Retailers

As we approach Black Friday, you'll start seeing tons of ads. Some of the best places to look include:

  • Carrier sites: While smaller carriers don't typically offer large deals, the big carriers certainly will. Check out the ones in your area.
  • Manufacturer sites: Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei and other phone makers sell directly from their websites and tend to offer some of the largest discounts.
  • Retailers: Of course, tech stores and superstores are going to have deals on many phones.

The best place to look is going to be the websites of these companies. They'll usually have a dedicated page for Black Friday phone sales. They'll also send you emails if you're signed up for them. As you hit the stores in November, you'll probably see flyers as well. You can always grab an old-fashioned Sunday newspaper, too.

To get the most bang for your buck, spend some time thinking about what's most important to you. Phones are tricky because they could come with contracts and monthly payments in the future. You'll want to decide whether a low upfront cost or a low monthly cost is more important to you.

For instance, Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy flagship phones are the latest and greatest phones. They're also usually the more costly options. If you want one of these, you may need to sign up for a more expensive unlimited plan. Remember, getting a phone that's a year or two old could offer the most savings if you don't need the latest tech.

Popular Phones and Deals

popular Phones and Deals

Many excellent phones are on the market this year, and you can expect some great deals on them.

Many excellent phones are on the market this year, and you can expect some great deals.

1. iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 was just released this fall. Discounts are likely going to be more moderate. The 13 comes in a few varieties, including the base model, the mini, the Pro and the Pro Max. The Pro and Pro Max have better cameras and some new features. One of the most exciting parts of this years' phones is the new cinematic mode. It offers some cool new video tools like blurred backgrounds and better focus. 

These phones also use a new super-fast processing chip. The base model offers 128GB of storage, great for taking lots of photos and videos. It also has a tough ceramic casing that protects against dings and dents. iPhones are the perfect choice for people who want simplicity. They're easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Galaxy S21

Samsung's latest flagship is the Galaxy S21. It came out way back in January. It's regularly $799, but we're expecting some pretty steep discounts this year. This lineup includes the S21, the S21+ and the S21 Ultra. Similar to how the iPhone Pro models work, the S21 Ultra sports a better camera system. The S21+ is similar to the S21 but with a larger screen. Galaxy phones offer lots of customization.

The design of these phones features a sleek metal accent and a super vivid, strong display. They also have the option for a high refresh rate, which creates a smooth-moving experience no matter what you're viewing. Plus, Samsung uses smart technology to extend the battery life based on how you use it.

The camera is where the S21 lineup really shines. The S21 and S21+ have cameras with 64 megapixels, which is a good measure of image quality. Many other smartphones only have around 12 or 16 megapixels. The S21 Ultra has a whopping 108MP camera! All three phones have the Space Zoom feature, which allows the phone to zoom in up to 30x or 100x.

3. Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 3

If you like big screens, take a look at the Galaxy Z Folds. These phones look like typical smartphones on the outside, but they open into a large tablet-style screen. Even though the tech is still evolving, it's still plenty durable. The phone is also lighter and has a unique "hidden" camera design, giving you more screen space.

The Galaxy Fold 3 came out in August, and it could see some steep discounts.

4. Google Pixel 5

If you're after a mid-range phone, the Google Pixel 5 offers a sleek design and many features you expect from high-end phones. These include wireless charging, water-resistance and an excellent display. Its normal price point is $449.

This phone has a lot of storage and a strong processor to support power-hungry apps. Google Assistant is built into the phone to help you out. Plus, the Pixel 5's camera system has some cool features like Night Sight, which is great for low-light photos.

5. OnePlus 8T 5G

The OnePlus 8T has modern features like super-fast wireless charging, smooth refresh rates and a vibrant display. One thing that sets this phone apart is its unique approach to gaming. It has a few different tools for gamers, such as blocking notifications and screen recording. It also has something called Fnatic Mode, which can quickly activate these features and even improve the network connection for online gaming.

Its main camera has 48 megapixels. There are also extra lenses for macro and monochrome photography. The look of the phone is great, too, with a matte texture in silver and a fun aqua color. Its retail price is $749.

6. Motorola Razr

If you're just dying to get that satisfying snap of old flip phones, consider the Motorola Razr. You might remember that name from the early 2000s. The Razr is the newest version of that old phone from 2006. It uses foldable screen tech similar to the Samsung Z Fold. The phone opens into a taller display and folds up to half the size. It can easily fit in your pocket, and the small front display can give you notifications at a glance.

The high 48MP cameras offer high-quality photos, and a quick processing chip adds speed.

7. iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 Black Friday deals are almost guaranteed to be steep since the phone came out last year. Fortunately, the 12 isn't all that different from the 13. It has a similar display, tough ceramic design and a speedy processor. Like the 13 lineup, the iPhone 12 also comes in a mini, Pro and Pro Max. 

The primary difference between the 12 and 13 is the camera, but there were also some speed improvements. The 13 gives you more video options and better recording hardware. If you can do without those, going with the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro this Black Friday could be the perfect way to save while getting a modern Apple phone.

8. iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is the cheapest Apple option, but iPhone Black Friday deals can bring the price down even more. This phone offers modern speed and features in a more affordable physical design. Apple's flagship phones do not have a home button. The SE brings it back, which is great for people who prefer the feel of a button. The phone also delivers other valuable features like Apple Pay, water-resistance and fast charging.

If you're after a simple phone without a lot of bells and whistles, the SE is a great, affordable choice. If you're getting a contract or trading in, you can probably get it for free this year.

9. Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 brought a big change to the lineup, but the S20 and S21 don't differ too much. The S21 has a slightly better display and a faster processor. But many features, including the stellar camera system and Space Zoom feature, were introduced with the S20. Black Friday Samsung phone deals allow you to enjoy the biggest changes in tech while saving on cost.

With minor differences between the models, the S20 is a fantastic way to snag a Samsung Black Friday phone deal. Keep in mind that the S22 is slated to come out early next year.

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Whether you're looking for a flagship, a midrange phone or something simpler, Black Friday cell phone deals are a great time to snag a new device. Before you buy a new device, consider where your used phone will go. Is it headed to a landfill to sit for decades, or is it an opportunity to earn cash?

The United Nations found that just 17.4% of e-waste was properly collected and recycled in 2019. This leads to adverse effects like health risks and economic problems. When you toss your used phone in the trash, you create more e-waste. You may even rob yourself of some cash, too.

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