Best Tech Gifts for Grads

Best Tech Gifts for Grads

Are you looking for graduation gift ideas? We put together a list of some of the best gadgets at all price points. Whether you are on a budget or you've been saving for months, there are tech devices that grads will love. 

We also share some gift ideas for different graduations, starting with high school and ending with graduate school. Grads will appreciate the time and thought you put into your gift. These gadgets are both useful and unique, making them perfect for a present. 

Learn more about tech gadgets that make good graduation gifts. 

Budget Graduation Gifts

There are fun and exciting tech gifts for all price ranges. We've sorted them to help you find an option within your budget that grads will likely enjoy and get a lot of use out of. 

Check out our top four picks for the best budget gadgets:

Under $10 – Smart Light Bulb

Whether the grad in your life is going to live in a college dorm or they are moving into their first apartment, smart light bulbs are a great gift idea. 

You control this color-changing light bulb with an app on your phone. You can change the bulb's color and brightness. There are multiple modes such as dim or dance party lighting. It's an amusing and useful gift that all grads can enjoy for less than $10. 

Strip lights are also a good option. They work similarly to a color-changing light bulb but have small lights on a strip that sticks to the wall or ceiling. Both have a similar price point, too. 

Under $15 – Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are an awesome gift for any grad. They can connect to most phones and computers without any chords. They're handy for many activities such as:

  • Listening to music
  • Reading an audiobook
  • Enjoying a podcast

Whether you are commuting to work or studying in a library, it's nice to have a pair of headphones to listen to something you like. There are tons of colors and styles to pick from. 

These Bluetooth headphones do not have any wires and can pick up signals from up to 33 feet away. They are under $15 and can fold up, so you can easily slide them into a pocket or backpack. 

Under $25 – Wireless Charger Stand

Anyone with a phone will appreciate a wireless charger stand. These gadgets are two-in-one. You can charge your phone's battery without a cord. Other wire-free chargers work by laying the phone flat on top of the charger with its screen facing up. This wireless charger stand props your device upright so you can stay on a video call or stream something while charging. 

Everyone can use another phone charger, especially busy students. This option works with more than a dozen popular smartphone models. Plus, you can set your phone in portrait or landscape and still charge the battery. 

Under $35 – Smart Reusable Notebook

One of the most unique gift ideas for grads is a smart notebook. It is both good for the environment and for your wallet. Reusable notebooks allow you to erase what you write so you can use that page repeatedly. 

This smart reusable notebook connects to the cloud so you can save all of your notes digitally. This will come in handy when studying for an exam or preparing for a project. 

You have to use special erasable pens with this notebook. The ink will erase with just a drop of water, and you can use that page again for something new. This unique gift will wow the grad in your life. 

Best Gifts for High School Graduates

Portable Speaker
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Power Strip

Best Gifts for High School Graduates 

Are you looking for good gifts for high school graduates? There are a few fun tech ideas that could be wonderful gifts. There are some things that will come in handy for students heading to college next fall or starting a new job. 

Check out our picks for high school graduation gifts: 

Portable Speaker

The grad in your life will appreciate a portable speaker. You can bring them with you to the park or beach. You can enjoy listening to music outside or playing a podcast inside. There are so many advantages to having a speaker that doesn't need plugging in. 

This portable speaker lets you listen to music from your phone or tablet using Bluetooth. You can enjoy up to five hours of playtime when you charge this gadget, and it is waterproof!

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 

Anyone attending college or doing a lot of work on their laptop could use a wireless keyboard and mouse. There are a few key benefits of working with these two gadgets. You can do the following:

  • Travel with them without worrying about wires and cords
  • Set your workstation up for better posture and comfort
  • Connect to different devices

This wireless keyboard and mouse set can last for 12 months before needing a charge. Accessories like these are a staple for people who do a lot of typing, and you can easily put them away after use. 

Power Strip

When picking out a gift for the high school grad in your life, consider a high-tech power strip. This is a surprisingly useful gadget that will make dorm life much easier. 

Don't go with just any kind, though. This power strip has the following exciting features:

  • Five-foot extension cord
  • High-speed charging
  • Fire-resistance
  • Six ports on one cube

Finding a spot for bulky power strips can be annoying, especially in small spaces. These compact options are easy to travel with and take up very little room. 

Best Tech Gifts for College Students

Digital Picture Frame
Portable Power Bank
Laptop Stand 

Best Tech Gifts for College Students 

When thinking about gadget gifts for college students, lots of items come to mind. We made a list of some uncommon but very useful gadgets that students graduating from college will love. Check out our top picks: 

Digital Picture Frame

Give your college grad a digital photo frame. They can upload their favorite pictures from college. The frame will share a slideshow of each photograph, so you never have to print the images or change them out yourself. 

This digital picture frame connects to an app on your phone. There are a bunch of different settings to choose from. You can store up to 10,000 images and enjoy seeing new shots every day. Every photo will look clear and bright on the high-resolution screen. 

Portable Power Bank

A portable power bank is a great college graduation gift. Whether they are looking to travel the world or work from a coffee shop, having something on you to charge your phone or tablet is always a great convenience. 

These chargers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some look like keychains, while others are bulkier. This power bank is slim and easy to store in a bag or backpack. It can hold multiple charges for a smartphone and quickly fill up a tablet's battery. 

Laptop Stand 

If your recent grad spends a lot of time on their laptop, consider getting them an adjustable stand. These can help make their setup more comfortable. 

This laptop stand is very adjustable. You can move it to seven different angles to find the perfect height. This helps to reduce pain in the neck and wrists after spending a long time on your computer. It also keeps laptops cool since there is room for air below them. You can easily fold this stand and travel with it, making it a good gift for a college graduate.

Best Gifts for Grad Students

Looking for tech gifts for graduate students? Some gadgets are perfect for people who are starting new jobs or moving into their first place after grad school. Here are some of our top picks:

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is slightly different from the portable speaker we mentioned before. These devices use voice controls and do tasks such as:

  • Share the weather forecast
  • Set a timer
  • Stream music or podcasts
  • Control lights

These gadgets stay plugged into an outlet and are mainly for home or office use. This smart speaker is just under $50. It is hands-free, so you never have to hit a button once you set it up. Recent grads can get a lot of use out of this type of speaker. 

Bluetooth Trackers

If the graduate in your life plans on making a big move or traveling, consider getting them a Bluetooth tracker. You can attach one of these small gadgets to a suitcase or bag. Then it is easy to keep an eye on where your stuff is with an app on your phone.

This Bluetooth tracker is a handy tool that only works with Apple products. Be sure to see what devices the tracker is compatible with before buying. There are some brands that work with both Android and iOS systems.

Streaming Device 

Streaming is very popular right now. You could give the grad in your life a gadget for watching all their favorite shows. These devices let you sign in to your accounts for multiple streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Any grad that enjoys TV will love getting this gift. 

This streaming stick costs less than $50, and you can plug it directly into your television. It is small, so you don't see it while you're using it. Each stick has a voice remote so you can find what you want quickly.  

Splurge Tech Graduation Gifts

Here are some tech gift ideas for those who are ready to splurge:

Laptop Phone

Splurge Tech Graduation Gifts 

Are you looking to spend a little extra on a graduation gift this year? Maybe you've been saving up or just want to go above and beyond. Here are some tech gift ideas for those who are ready to splurge:

  • Laptop: • Laptop: A computer is a generous gift that many grads will really be able to use. By the end of 2022, about 25% of professional jobs will be remote, so it's important for many grads to have a good laptop. Even if they don't plan on working online, they can always use it for entertainment.
  • Monitor: If the grad in your life loves video games or streaming, consider getting them a monitor. These devices connect to gaming systems or computers and mirror the picture.
  • Phone: It's no secret that most grads spend a lot of time on their phones. A new phone is an exciting graduation gift. Consider both brand new and refurbished choices.
  • Smartwatch: Any grad that enjoys fitness could use a smartwatch. They can track heart rate and sleep. Some play music and use Bluetooth to connect with your phone to send texts or answer calls.
  • Tablet: Tablets are convenient devices that are like a phone and laptop in one. Plus, they are often less expensive than those gadgets and are a great gift for recent grads.
  • Reader: If the graduate you're shopping for loves reading, consider getting them an e-book reader. These gadgets can store many books, and you can buy books online very easily.
  • TV: You could also buy a recent grad a new TV. You can find one for almost any budget. There are so many sizes and kinds to choose from.

Remember that you can buy tech used from a trusted seller. These gifts tend to be more expensive, and buying them brand new can cost a lot. Consider checking out websites or retailers that sell old devices. You could get a great deal. 

Things to Consider When Picking a Tech Gift

There are some important things to think about when picking out the best gift for graduates. 

Make sure to see what kind of tech the grad likes before landing on a gift. Some people like Apple products, while others would rather have Android devices. It is important for you to take note of the brands and kinds of gadgets they enjoy. 

This is also helpful because you will want to get a gift that works well with their other tech. For example, someone who has an Apple® iPhone would find an Apple Watch more useful than a Samsung Smart Galaxy Watch.

You should also consider what technology the grad currently has and if it is new or not. For example, you probably do not want to buy someone a brand new cell phone if they just got one. When choosing a tech gift, it can be helpful to see what kind of devices the grad could use. It will be more meaningful that way. 

Another thing you should think about when getting a tech gift for a graduate is anything they might have to buy themselves to go with your gadget. Some tech will require you to buy other products or subscriptions. 

For example, if you buy someone a streaming stick, they will have to pay for a subscription to a streaming service to watch their favorite shows. Make sure to do a little research before buying to see if the grad will need to pay for any extras.

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