24 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for a More Sustainable Holiday

24 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for a More Sustainable Holiday

The holidays are a time to give gifts and appreciate our friends and loved ones. With so many gifts to buy for the season, you may wonder about your environmental impact. The holidays can be a wasteful time, from extra food scraps to wrapping paper and bows.

Giving eco-friendly gifts helps cut back on waste. Sustainable gifts are a great way to share your love for friends, family and the planet.

Sustainable Gift Ideas on a Budget

1. Reusable Straws
2. An Organic Cotton Lunch Bag
3. Reusable Shopping Totes
4. A Puzzle
5. Upcycled Crafts

Sustainable Gift Ideas on a Budget

Inexpensive, eco-friendly gifts are perfect for any budget. At less than $35 each, these environmentally friendly gifts are easy on your wallet and the planet:

1. Reusable Straws

Regular drinking straws often end up as litter. Even paper straws may hurt the environment. Reusable silicone straws help loved ones reduce plastic and paper waste. A pack of 10 straws comes with four carrying cases and four squeegees. The soft, flexible silicone is BPA-free. These straws are also dishwasher safe and come in a biodegradable box.

2. An Organic Cotton Lunch Bag

From bringing lunch to work or storing snacks for the kids, everyone needs to carry food on the go. Anyone on your list will love an ethically made organic cotton lunch bag.

The Organic Company lunch bag uses cotton certified by the Global Organix Textile Standard. It's also machine washable and rolls up for easy packing.

3. Reusable Shopping Totes

Reusable mesh shopping bags are great for low-waste shopping. Mesh bags from Terra Thread are handmade in India from Fairtrade certified organic cotton. Sturdy handles make them easy and comfortable to carry. Your loved one can keep these bags in the car for surprise market trips.

Buying these bags helps donate meals through the Feeding America campaign.

4. A Puzzle

For a one-of-a-kind gift, choose a beautiful puzzle with unique artwork. This Goodfit puzzle uses 100% recycled cardboard with a linen finish. The artwork has forest scene with adorable mushrooms to delight your nature lover. Buying this puzzle also helps plant trees in Scotland.

5. Upcycled Crafts

Handmade gifts are special. You can find many upcycled gifts online, many of which are handmade. This tea towel listed on Uncommon Goods is made from upcycled sari scraps. It makes a lovely addition to a kitchen or gift basket.

You can also make your own eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones. Use scrap fabric to sew a personalized keychain or print letters on old wood to make a sign. Another fun option is a mosaic using broken plates or glasses. The options are endless!

Environmentally Friendly Gift Ideas for Adults

• Candles
• Sustainable Makeup
• A Yoga Mat
• Linens
• Sustainable Soaps
• Coffee
• Low-Waste Personal Care Products
• Solar-Powered Outdoor Gear

Environmentally Friendly Gift Ideas for Adults

Below are eco-friendly gift suggestions sure to bring a smile to your partner, parents, friends or other loved ones.

6. Candles

A scented candle is a great way to unwind. To give the gift of relaxation, buy a sustainable candle kit your loved one can refill and reuse. These Notes candle kits have a silicone insert that let you clean and refill it with new wax once it's empty. Every candle kit comes with 100% natural wax refills and cozy non-toxic fragrances like vanilla.

https://www.wearthlondon.com/eco-friendly-matchesPair the candle with a pretty jar of sustainably made matches for the perfect gift.

7. Sustainable Makeup

Choose organic and Fairtrade products from Athr for those who love makeup. This company is committed to sustainable ingredients and ethical manufacturing. Eye, face and lip gift sets use sustainably sourced non-GMO ingredients. Athr also uses responsibly sourced paper and water-based ink in their packaging.

Pair a gift set with a package of reusable cotton pads your loved one can use as a makeup remover.

8. A Yoga Mat

Yoga enthusiasts will love the eco-friendly yoga mat by Manduka. This stylish, non-slip mat is made from naturally harvested rubber free of harmful plastics, dyes or chemicals. These yoga mats are easy to clean and don't soak up sweat. These yoga mats come with a lifetime guarantee. You can even send them back to the company for recycling.

Manduka also sells sustainable yoga accessories, like blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets and clothes.

9. Linens

There's nothing cozier than wrapping up in bed during the cold winter. Make the holiday extra comfy with the Cloud Comforter from Buffy. This comforter uses almost all sustainable materials. It uses around 50 water bottles. The soft filling is made from recycled BPA-free fill made from post-consumer plastics. The shell uses fibers from sustainable wood sources.

Complete the gift with a knitted weighted blanket made from Fairtrade International certified organic cotton. The texture makes for sweet dreams in every season.

10. Sustainable Soaps

Sustainable handmade soaps are a great eco-friendly skincare gift. Each Sequoia soap is 100% handmade by Indigenous women with ethically sourced, organic ingredients. Every bar has ingredients like shea butter and castor oil. With scents like red clover, pumpkin and patchouli, these soaps smell almost good enough to eat!

11. Coffee

Coffee lovers will love this trio of sustainable coffees from Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Three bags of beans taste like citrus, chocolate, raisin and jasmine. Stumptown Coffee is a Certified B Corporation with strict sustainability practices. This coffee set promises a delicious cup every time.

Pair the coffee trio with a reusable travel mug like the KeepCup, which is designed to fit under most coffee shop brewing systems for a greener cup of joe. Throw in a set of reusable coffee filters so they can have a better brew at home.

12. Low-Waste Personal Care Products

Pamper your loved one with high-quality care products that reduce waste. The shower routine set by Humankind has shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The aluminum packaging and reusable pumps reduce plastic waste. You can feel good knowing the products are natural and sulfate-free. Two sets give you warm and cool scent options.

Fine fragrances are another good gift for anyone on your holiday list. Henry Rose has scents like Jake's House, Torn and Queens and Monsters. The Create Your Own Gift set includes a full-size travel bottle. These fragrances are Environmental Working Group (EWG)-certified and follow high standards. Henry Rose is also Cradle to Cradle Certified and all bottles are recyclable.

13. Solar-Powered Outdoor Gear

Adventurers never know where they'll end up. They need reliable power. A solar-powered phone charger ensures your loved one's phone has the energy to get them where they need to go. The charger is also thin and water-resistant. This gift is perfect for a backpacking trip or stored in the trunk for emergencies.

A solar-powered backpack from Solgaard adds solar power to a pack made from upcycled plastic taken from the ocean. Some versions also have a Bluetooth speaker. The water-resistant bottom will keep your loved one ready for anything.

Sustainable Baby Toys

A Recycled Toy Fire Plane

A Sustainable Fairy House Kit

Plantable Colored Pencils

An Animal Stacking Game

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

You can even get a green gift for the youngest people on your shopping list. If you need sustainable toddler toys or gifts for teens, check out the list below:

14. Sustainable Baby Toys

Gift your littlest loved ones sustainable play kits from Lovevery. These toys are made with sustainably sourced wood, organic cotton and natural materials. Each kit has toys directed toward the child's age to help babies learn and grow. With blocks, books and other toys, these play kits bring hours of joy.

15. A Recycled Toy Fire Plane

Help a little firefighter dream big with a fire plane bath toy from Green Toys. Kids can scoop water through the front and watch it stream from the back and sides. This toy also supports wildfire relief efforts in California and the West Coast.

All Green Toys toys are made from 100% recycled plastic, like milk jugs and yogurt cups. Green Toys makes products in the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gases.

16. A Sustainable Fairy House Kit

Feed kids' imagination with a sustainable fairy house kit this holiday. This kit uses sustainable materials to help kids build a fairy house made from driftwood, seashells, moss, feathers and twine. Kids will love building a fairy home and creating their own stories. This kit is appropriate for kids ages eight and up.

17. Plantable Colored Pencils

For kids who love drawing, a pack of Sprout colored pencils makes an excellent gift. The pack includes several colors and two graphite pencils. Each pencil has herb, flower or vegetable seeds. When the pencil is used up, kids can plant the seeds and watch them grow. The pencils are also made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood. Every pencil is completely biodegradable.

Colored pencils go perfectly with a coloring book. Gift one made from recycled materials and green production practices.

18. An Animal Stacking Game

Give kids aged four and up a challenge with an animal stacking game. Players balance colorful wooden animals. One wrong move and the pile tumbles down. Bella Luna Toys makes unique natural toys fun for all. They are part of Green America and use organic, non-toxic materials.

Gifts for Environmentalists

Are you getting a gift for someone who loves the environment like you? These gifts will fit nearly anyone on your shopping list:

19. A Sustainable Gift Subscription Box

Give your loved ones gifts all year long with a subscription box from Alltrue. Each box has several socially conscious, sustainable products. Alltrue uses products from eco-friendly brands. Boxes include things like jewelry, home goods and skincare. Your friend or family member will love supporting communities and the planet.

20. An Indoor Gardening Kit

Some of the best environmental gifts are the ones nature makes. Give the gift of fresh herbs and veggies with an indoor gardening kit. The kit has plants like mushrooms, tomatoes, basil and chili peppers. They are 100% organic and non-GMO, so your loved ones can feel good about their food. The company will even send more seeds until the plants get growing.

21. A Sustainable Living Kit

A sustainable living kit can help your loved one start a zero-waste lifestyle. Kits include mesh produce bags and metal straws. You also get zip-locking reusable food bags and beeswax food wraps. Each green gift is made with premium materials that are easy to clean and reuse.

22. A Living Composter

A living composter is the perfect eco-friendly gift for reducing food waste. This composter is made from cork and recycled plastic. You can add worms to compost several pounds of food scraps weekly. You can use the compost on indoor or outdoor plants. The composter is odorless and blends perfectly into the home.

23. A Zero-Waste Cookbook

A zero-waste cookbook is a great idea for experienced chefs and those new to the kitchen. This book from Zero Waste Chef has recipes and tips for creating less kitchen waste. Sustainable recipes can also help save money and cover a range of tastes. Your loved one will learn how to prep, store and buy groceries so they waste less.

24. Reusable Wraps

Bee's Wrap uses organic cotton, tree resin and beeswax to make a reusable wrap. It's a better option than plastic cling wrap or throwaway containers. Your loved one can use Bee's Wrap to store food. It's also great for packing lunches.

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