Black Friday 2020 Smartphones

Black Friday 2020 Smartphones 

The biggest shopping season of the year is here, and everyone is looking for the best deals on gifts and purchases. One of the most significant shopping events of the year is Black Friday, where customers can find discounts on nearly anything. It's the perfect time to find Christmas gifts, buy that item you've been hoping goes on sale or treat yourself to a shopping spree. 

  • When is Black Friday? 
  • How Long Do Sales Last? 
  • Where to Look for the Best Black Friday Deals 
  • Tips for a Successful Black Friday 
  • How to Choose the Right Smartphone on Black Friday 
  • How to Earn Instant Cash with ecoATM 

It's one of the best times of year to upgrade to a new smartphone. There will be plenty of opportunities to snag a deal on the latest models or get a big discount on an older device. From retailers to manufacturers to cell plan carriers, many places will have the phone you want at a price that's sure to make you happy. This guide will help you decide when to shop, where to go to find Samsung Galaxy®, Apple iPhone® and Google Pixel® Black Friday deals and show you how to earn even more instant cash with ecoATM.

When is Black Friday? 

In 2020, Black Friday falls on November 27 — but this year looks a little different. In an effort to create a safer process for customers and employees, major retailers have come up with innovative sale events both online and in-store. For some retailers, those events have already started. 

How Long Do Sales Last? 

While you may think Black Friday is at its peak on November 27, it will begin sooner and last longer than a single day. Depending on where you shop, it can even last several days. Some retailers are dropping their prices now, offering some doorbuster sales early. But the best deals on most electronic devices will come on Black Friday. If you see a discount that brings an item down to the price range you want, you can buy it now or wait to see if it drops further. 

If you miss the Black Friday smartphone deals, you still have an opportunity to take advantage of the discounts a few days after.

If you miss the Black Friday smartphone deals, you still have an opportunity to take advantage of the discounts a few days after. The Monday after is Cyber Monday, where websites offer slashed prices for the full day. It's a massive opportunity for shoppers to get their last-minute savings. 

Where to Look for the Best Black Friday Phone Deals 

Sales will be everywhere on Black Friday, so how do you know where the best deals are? The answer is to do your homework before you buy. Look at the Black Friday ads that are already starting to come out and study which retailers are offering what.

If you're a long-time Black Friday shopper, expect to see some changes this year. Many retailers have redesigned their Black Friday sales events to accommodate social distancing guidelines. For some stores, this means several sales throughout the month, rather than one large one on Black Friday. For others, you'll find doorbuster deals online for a safe, virtual shopping experience. Many stores are offering a combination of in-store and virtual shopping, though each retailer is doing it differently. For example, some are offering different deals depending on how you shop, while others are giving the same discounts on their website as they are in the stores.

Many carriers tend to offer discounts on actual devices, as well as gift card rewards or discounts on multiple devices or plans. If you already have a plan with a carrier, getting an upgrade at one of their stores is easy and might get you the best deal. Most of the time, these are incentives to remain with your carrier, but if you weren't planning on switching anyway, it's an excellent time to take advantage of the savings. However, each carrier is different, and the offers may range. Look up your carrier and see if they have any offers up yet.  

Do your homework before you buy. Look at the Black Friday ads that are already starting to come out and study which retailers are offering what. a few days after.

Tips for a Successful Black Friday

Each year, many stores' virtual and in-person shelves clear fast, so it's essential to decide in advance which deals you're interested in and have a game plan for the big day. Follow these tips to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience this year: 

  • Trade-in your old device: Need some extra money for your Black Friday ventures? Sell your unwanted devices to ecoATM for some instant holiday cash. ecoATM accepts old phones, tablets and MP3 players, regardless of age or condition. You can put that money toward your next smartphone purchase or use it to buy gifts for the loved ones on your shopping list. 
  • Research deals: Research deals across multiple retailers to see what different items will be on sale for Black Friday. Take note of which ones offer bonus deals with your purchase or have special discounts on phone accessories. You can find these deals on retailers' websites and in print and digital sales ads. 
  • Plan ahead: Because many retailers are doing Black Friday differently this year, it's more important than ever to have a shopping plan. Start by creating a list of all the items you hope to find a great deal on, like phones, kitchen appliances, toys or electronics. Then, head to your favorite stores' websites and see when their savings start. Most stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day this year but have split their Black Friday sale into separate, multi-day and multi-week events. Write down when each sale event starts for your favorite retailers, then browse ads to find the deals you want to snag. 
  • Skip the line: Looking for a great deal on a cell phone but want to skip in-store lines? This year, many stores are offering contact-free shopping options, like same-day curbside pick-up for virtual and online purchases, as well as same-day, next-day or two-day shipping options. 
  • Start early: Don't wait until Black Friday to do all of your shopping. Many of the best deals are happening now — including Black Friday cell phone deals — and pre-Black Friday sales often have a steadier inventory. There is also less of a rush to check out quickly, meaning you can browse all available deals until you're ready. 
  • Have an online strategy: If you plan to do most or all of your Black Friday shopping online this year, have a virtual shopping strategy. First, make sure your internet connectivity is stable enough to see you through the checkout process — there's nothing worse than snagging the last item in stock only to lose service. You also need to decide whether to shop via the retailer website or smartphone app. Sales extend across each platform. If you've never shopped online during a major sale event, you might be surprised to learn you may still need to wait in a checkout line. Some online retailers utilize a virtual wait-in-line feature to keep their websites running smoothly for each customer. 

How to Choose the Right Smartphone on Black Friday

Black Friday is an exciting time, and it's easy to get lost in the thrill of finding an excellent deal — but just because a phone is on sale doesn't mean it's the best fit for you. Here's how to choose the right upgrade on Black Friday: 

  • Know your options: Take a moment to research the season's hottest device options and see what's best for you. This year, consumers are likely to take advantage of Apple iPhone, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy Black Friday deals, as each manufacturer released new devices this year. Popular choices include the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note20 5G, the Google Pixel 5 and the iPhone 12 line-up.
  • Analyze your needs: Consider your current phone. What do you love about it? What features are must-haves for your next purchase? Is there anything you dislike? For example, you might consider upgrading to a device with a more scratch- and drop-resistant screen or better camera quality. If you already love your current device, see what deals there are on the newest models. 
  • Consider pre-owned: If you're unable to purchase a brand new device, you have options! Some retailers also offer Black Friday savings on certified pre-owned smartphones. When shopping pre-owned, be sure you do so with a reputable retailer who inspects each device for quality, performance and appearance before listing it for sale. Note return policies and warranty programs and keep the information for your records. 
  • Check your contract: If you're already a part of an existing contract with a carrier, make sure you're not eligible for a free upgrade before you decide to purchase a new phone. Many carriers also offer holiday deals and upgrade rewards during Black Friday. Several prepaid carriers offer service for all the latest devices if you're not interested in a contract plan. Prepaid plans are a great option for those looking for deals without any fine print or obligation. 
  • Don't forget accessories: As you're shopping for your new smartphone, don't forget to check for deals on new accessories, including wireless charging ports, earbuds, smart watches and protective gear. 
  • Take advantage of bonus deals: Many retailers incentivize Black Friday smartphone sales by offering bonus deals — like data plans at a reduced cost or retailer gift cards — when you purchase and activate a new device. You can usually find these bonus deals listed in a retailer's sale ad, or you can ask an associate. 

How to Earn Instant Shopping Cash With ecoATM 

There's an easy way to drop those low prices down even lower. Since you're upgrading to a new phone, there's no need to hang on to your old device. Rather than putting it somewhere in your house and forgetting about it or tossing it in the garbage, you can drop it off at an ecoATM kiosk in exchange for cash. Think of it as a return on your investment. You get money that you can use towards a new device, and your old phone is given a new life or properly recycled. It's a win-win.

One of the easiest ways to get cash for your smartphone is through ecoATM. With ecoATM, you can sell your device at any time in a few simple steps. You won't have to worry about shipping, appraisal or waiting for a check to clear so you can use it towards a new device. All you have to do is find a kiosk.

For your convenience, ecoATM has over 4,000 kiosks across the country and an online map to find the closest one in your area. From there, the process is simple. Once you find your local kiosk, bring your charged device and a valid state ID. Then, place the phone on the scanner. It will evaluate the make, model and condition of your phone. After a few minutes, you'll receive a competitive cash offer on the spot.

If you accept the offer, the kiosk will dispense the cash. The whole process only takes a few minutes, and you can bring it at any time. Just be sure to clear the device of any personal data first. Once you've finished at the kiosk, you can walk away with cash in hand and use it to knock even more off the price of a new smartphone this Black Friday.

If your phone is particularly old or broken, you can still recycle it at any kiosk. You may not receive money for it, but ecoATM will recycle it for free. By recycling, you help keep cell phones out of landfills and from harming the environment. You can also bring along your phone accessories, like old charging cords, to safely dispose of in the accessory bin. Though ecoATM does not currently offer payment for accessories, we still accept them for you.

Sell Your Old Devices With ecoATM 

When you're ready to upgrade to a new phone, sell or recycle your old one with ecoATM. Our secure kiosks make it easy to receive cash for your devices fast so you may have more money to spend on your purchases this holiday season. With ecoATM, you can be sure your phone goes to a new owner or that it will be properly recycled. You're helping your wallet and the planet.
When you trade in your unwanted smartphone, tablet or MP3 player to an ecoATM, you can use the extra holiday money to:

  • Reward yourself: The holidays are all about giving to others, and it feels great when you find the perfect present for a loved one. However, it's also easy to get so caught up in the spirit of giving that you forget to treat yourself to something special. Use your ecoATM cash to buy yourself a holiday gift or to indulge in your favorite meal as a way to pamper yourself this season. 
  • Shop for others: Black Friday is the ideal time to buy gifts for your loved ones because of all the discounts. With an ecoATM payout, you get more cash to put toward all the holiday's top gifts, including toys, books, electronics, home goods, clothes and more. 
  • Save for later: After a season of holiday spending, save that extra money for some post-Christmas sales or to refill your wallet after a busy Black Friday. However you choose to spend it, having some spare cash offers peace of mind around the holidays. 

Get an even better deal on Black Friday sales — find your local ecoATM kiosk to get cash to use towards your new smartphone or other Black Friday purchases. 

Recycle Your Old Devices With ecoATM

You can be sure your phone goes to a new owner or that we recycle it properly.


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