15 Mother's Day
Tech Gift Ideas

15 Mother's Day Tech Gift Ideas

If you're looking for Mother's Day gift ideas, choose something both exciting and useful — a new tech gadget! Tech gifts are perfect for any mom, whether she's creative, productive, music-loving, sentimental or always on the go. You can find a fitting tech gift for anyone, made with their interests and hobbies in mind.

This year, give your mom a new tablet, music-playing device, cell phone or tech accessory. She'll be able to use it every day for years to come, and it could revolutionize her daily life. Here are the top 15 Mother's Day gift ideas involving tech. Anything on this list is sure to make this Mother's Day extra special.

1. For Creative Moms: Apple iPad Air

One of the best tech gifts you can buy for Mom is a brand new tablet, and the Apple iPad Air has extensive features and capabilities. This is an especially great gift for moms with a creative aptitude — the iPad Air has a vivid display, Apple Pencil compatibility and handwriting-to-text conversion. Digital art projects soar with these features on hand. The 10.9-inch screen is also excellent for playing games or watching shows on the go without having to squint at a smaller phone screen.

The iPad Air is the perfect middle ground between a small phone and a large laptop. For a laptop feel, you can attach Apple's Magic Keyboard, which lasts as long as the device's all-day battery life. Or, you can purchase a separate Bluetooth-compatible universal keyboard like the Logitech option listed below. Mom will have hours of productivity and creative fun with a brand new iPad Air and its accessories.

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2. For Moms Who Want to Stay Connected: Microsoft Surface Pro X Tablet

Moms who prefer Microsoft products will love the Surface Pro X Tablet, with its sleek, 13-inch screen. It's compatible with the Surface Slim Pen, perfect for handwriting notes, drawing or scrolling around. You can also connect the brand's Signature Keyboard, which features a secure storage spot for your smartpen. The Surface Pro X is ideal for bringing with you all day long — it has a 15-hour battery life and weighs less than 2 pounds. Mom can slip it in her purse, tote bag or laptop case and use it anywhere she goes.

The Surface Pro X is a thoughtful gift if you and your mom live in different places — it has an automatic eye-contact feature, which adjusts your gaze for a more personal video chat. It'll feel like you're in the room together the next time you video call. She can use this feature to feel connected with any long-distance friends, kids, grandkids or anyone else.

The integrated eye-contact technology is versatile, so Mom can continue using her favorite video calling app. What's more, she need not hold the tablet up during a call, thanks to its built-in kickstand. If you're looking for a multipurpose tablet, consider the Surface Pro X.

For Moms Who Love Smartpens:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Tablet

Like a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, this tablet has impressive speed, vibrant color display and ample memory space.

3. For Moms Who Love Smartpens: Samsung Galaxy S7 Tablet

Another exceptional tablet option is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Tablet. Like a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, this tablet has impressive speed, vibrant color display and ample memory space. Depending on Mom's preference, you can choose the 11-inch screen or the 12.4-inch screen. One thing that sets the Galaxy S7 Tablet apart is its smartpen capabilities.

This tablet's smartpen is unlike any other. The pen attaches to the back of the tablet, so no extra storage accessory is needed. This adds unique versatility and convenience. While it has the same abilities as any other smartpen, it also works as a multifunctional remote control. Mom can use it to skip slides, play or pause videos and take pictures. Using this special smartpen, she can set her tablet up several feet away and use it as a television or a camera. Thanks to its unique pen and other beneficial features, the Galaxy S7 tablet is an excellent tech gift for mom.

4. For Gadget-Enthusiast Moms: Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

Though each tablet option above has a compatible keyboard accessory, why not branch out? Mom will enjoy more capabilities with a Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard. This is one of the best Mother's Day tech gifts for the mom who already has a phone, tablet and desktop. You can pair this wireless keyboard with up to three different devices — all you have to do is turn a simple dial to switch devices. A full-size keyboard makes typing much easier, regardless of the device in question.

This keyboard even has a cradle for holding up a phone or tablet at just the right angle, as long as it's 10 inches wide or smaller — for any of the tablets listed above, vertical placement would be necessary. Keep that in mind if you plan on buying both a tablet and keyboard for Mother's Day.

The Logitech Keyboard is perfect for keeping in the go-bag, with its staggering 24-month battery life, spill resistance and lightweight design. Since a Logitech keyboard is compatible across devices, it's a good choice if your mom wants to try out a new phone or tablet brand sometime soon.

5. For Music-Loving Moms: Sony A50 Walkman A-Series

If Mom is an avid music lover, choose the tech gift designed for listening. Sony's A50 Walkman A-Series is the leader in portable audio technology. It features high resolution, 24 bit sound quality, reproducing even the most subtle variations in pitch and tone. Everything about it is engineered for optimal sound quality, from its aluminum milled frame to its gold-plated circuit board. Mom can connect it to other devices to use as a superior speaker or stream music right into her favorite pair of headphones. This is one of the best Mother's Day gifts for the music enthusiast.





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Other benefits include:

  • Recovering 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 35,274 pounds of copper and 33 pounds of palladium, along with an assortment of tin, platinum and zinc, for every 1 million phones recycled.
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6. Another Choice for Music-Loving Moms: Apple iPod Touch

Another option for a music-loving mom is the Apple iPod Touch. She can load it with all her favorite music thanks to its 256 gigabytes of storage space, which is enough room for tens of thousands of songs. She can also use her iPod Touch for gaming with the Apple Arcade and the device's augmented reality features. Unlike other music-only devices, the iPod Touch allows you to stay connected with Wi-Fi messaging capabilities and built-in FaceTime. The latest iPod Touch makes for an ideal gift.

For Outdoorsy Moms:

Samsung Galaxy S21

This phone is something special — it has the fastest processor chip of any Samsung Galaxy yet, as well as an 8,000-pixel display and a contour cut camera.

7. For Outdoorsy Moms: Samsung Galaxy S21

Is it time for your mom to get a new phone? If so, gift her the Samsung Galaxy S21 with 5G. This phone is something special — it has the fastest processor chip of any Samsung Galaxy yet, as well as an 8,000-pixel display and a contour cut camera. The camera allows for 30-times zooming, maintaining precision and clarity.

If Mom enjoys the outdoors, the Galaxy S21 will allow her to see her screen under the brightest sunlight, one of the key features of its Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. This new display technology also promotes long-term eye health, reducing the negative effects of blue light. If you're looking for a gift that goes above and beyond, the Galaxy S21 is the way to go.

8. For Moms Who Love Snapping Pictures: Apple iPhone 12

Any mom would appreciate the latest iPhone — in this case, the iPhone 12. It comes in five different colors, so you can choose your mom's favorite. The iPhone 12 also features the A14 Bionic smartphone chip, the fastest you can buy. You can choose from either a 6.1-inch display or a 5.4-inch display. Special additional accessories available include a snap-on wallet and a magnet turbocharger.

The iPhone 12 has all the capabilities users love about their iPhones, including FaceTime, Siri, Face ID and Proximity Sensor. It also has a camera with night mode capabilities for optimal photos by sunlight or moonlight. The portrait camera has improved focus capabilities and six creative lighting effects, so Mom's family photoshoots will be better than ever. 

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9. For Multitasking Moms: LG Wing Swivel Smartphone

If you want to give Mom something unique and innovative, the LG Wing Swivel Smartphone is the right choice. It's unlike any phone you've seen before — it has a swivel feature, allowing for simultaneous vertical and horizontal display. This phone is perfect for the mom who loves to multitask.

The swivel technology allows the user to do two things at once on the same device. No matter how your mom uses her phone, this would come in handy. She could look at directions while video chatting, watch a show while scrolling social media or adjust recording features while filming a video. The dual-screen capability opens the door for endless combinations.

10. For Moms Who Like Things Simple: Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone

If your mom is likely to get frustrated with a fancy smartphone's bells and whistles, consider giving her a new take on a classic mobile phone. The Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone is an upgraded version of the earliest, simplest mobile phone. It features a 2.4-inch curved screen with improved readability in sunlight. It has a number, letter and symbol keypad with an uncomplicated left-right-center button interface. In addition, it has an impressive month-long standby life and four fun colors to choose from. For moms who prefer a simple phone, this is the way to go.

11. For Sentimental Moms: Customenvy Customizable Phone Case

You can make your tech gifts extra personal and special with a customizable phone case. Customenvy phone cases are compatible with a wide range of Apple, Samsung and Google phones. You can add just about any visual you want to your mom's new phone case, including pictures, patterns or text. You could use a monogram of Mom's initials, a collage of family photos, a picture of a pet or a design of her favorite flower. The possibilities are endless.

The Withings Steel HR Smartwatch allows for health and activity tracking, which Mom can review using the companion smartphone app. The app details steps, heart rate, sleep score and sports monitoring.

12. For Health-Enthusiast Moms: Withings Steel HR Smartwatch

The Withings Steel HR Smartwatch has a beautiful, classic face design with hidden high-tech features. It allows for health and activity tracking, which Mom can review using the companion smartphone app. The app details steps, heart rate, sleep score and sports monitoring. The watch also supports notifications and alarms, keeping Mom connected at all times. You can choose from 19 different wristband styles to make the gift perfect for your mom.

13. For Distracted Moms: Tile Bluetooth Tracking Devices

For moms who can be a bit absent-minded, Tile Bluetooth Slim, Mate and Sticker tracking devices are a lifesaver. These nifty tracking tools keep you from losing things by pairing with a Bluetooth-compatible device and setting off an alarm on command. The Mate option has a keyring hole, the Slim is perfect for wallets, and the Sticker adheres to almost anything. These devices are great for security and peace of mind.

14. For Interior Decorator Moms: Courant Catch:3 Wireless Charging Tray

You can add some luxury to Mom's bedside table or entryway bench with a wireless charging tray. The Courant Catch:3 Wireless Charging Tray has extra room for odds and ends and comes in a range of chic colors. You can also add a stylized monogram for a personal touch. In terms of technological capability, the Catch:3 tray features three coils for fast charging of any compatible smartphone. It also has a USB port for additional devices. This charging tray joins utility with extravagance for a sophisticated home feature.

15. For Moms Always on the Go: Mighty Mount Car Vent Mount Holder

A car vent mount is one of the most useful smartphone accessories you can buy. It'll allow Mom to reference directions or make a phone call without glancing down, which is much safer. The Mighty Mount Car Vent Mount Holder is the strongest, most versatile option. It's adjustable to fit a range of phone sizes, and it adheres to any car vent. It's much more reliable and sturdier than a suction cup mount, which can lose its grip over time. With tilt and rotation capability, it offers flexible screen viewing. This makes a practical, convenient gift for Mom.

Sell Your Used Devices for Cash With ecoATM

If you're looking for a way to say "thanks for everything" this Mother's Day, choose one of these special tech gifts.

Sell Your Used Devices for Cash With ecoATM

If you're looking for a way to say "thanks for everything" this Mother's Day, choose one of these special tech gifts. A new tech gadget or accessory will make any mom smile — tech gifts are fun, useful, versatile and long-lasting. To help buy the perfect tech gift for mom, consider selling or recycling your used electronics with ecoATM — you'll walk away with cash in hand*.

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ecoATM is not associated with nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the manufacturers of the items mentioned in this article.

*Some devices may have $0 value.