12 Best Tech Gifts
for Dad

12 Best Tech Gifts for Dad

Father's Day is around the corner, but finding the right gift can be a challenging task. If you're looking for a useful and meaningful present, consider buying Dad a new tech gadget. Tech gifts are exciting, useful and fun for any dad — whether he's an outdoorsman, a multitasking pro, a music lover or a fitness fiend. You can make this Father's Day extra special by finding a tech gift made with Dad's hobbies and interests in mind.

Thoughtful tech gifts are a perfect way to show your appreciation this Father's Day, and you can easily upcycle Dad's or your old tech to afford the newest models. This year, give Dad a tablet, music player, cell phone or unique accessory. It'll offer practical use, making Dad's everyday life a little easier, better organized or more enjoyable. If you need Father's Day gift ideas, consider these 12 tech gifts for Dad.


1. For Dads Who Stay Connected: Microsoft Surface Pro X Tablet

Tablets are practical gifts for Dad, thanks to their midsize screens and ever-evolving capabilities. Tablets are ideal for working, creating, staying organized or playing on the go. When a cell phone screen is too small but a laptop is too bulky, a tablet is the perfect in-between option. Choosing the right tablet depends on Dad's interests and priorities. The Microsoft Surface Pro X tablet is an excellent choice for a lot of reasons.

This tablet has a sleek, 13-inch screen, big enough for watching movies, checking the weather or reading to-do lists without having to squint. It's compatible with the Surface Slim Pen, ideal for handwriting notes, and the Microsoft Signature Keyboard. The Signature Keyboard comes with a smart pen storage slot for easy portability. It also has a 15-hour battery life and weighs less than 2 pounds so Dad can carry it with him all day.

But those are not the only reasons to choose this tablet. The Surface Pro X also has a special, unique feature, perfect for dads who like to stay connected with friends and family. It has built-in, automatic eye contact technology, which adjusts the user's gaze for a more personal video chatting experience. This feature makes you feel like you're in the same room during a video call. If you're looking for a special tablet this Father's Day, consider the Surface Pro X.

For Dads With Lots of Projects:

Apple iPad Air 

For those who prefer Apple products, the Apple iPad Air is an exceptional tablet choice. The Apple iPad Air uses the latest internal chip technology, the A14 Bionic.

2. For Dads With Lots of Projects: Apple iPad Air

For those who prefer Apple products, the Apple iPad Air is an exceptional tablet choice. The Apple iPad Air uses the latest internal chip technology, the A14 Bionic. This processing chip has the power to support a wide range of activities with unmatched speed.

The iPad Air also has a compact 10.9-inch screen, which could make it a little more portable than the Surface Pro X. Its secure Touch ID button offers optimal privacy with easy accessibility for Dad. You can also use the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, allowing for handwriting-to-text conversion on its vivid display.

The Apple iPad Air is ideal for working, taking notes and doing creative projects. The creative studio has a lot of unique capabilities, like 4K video editing, music mixing, illustrating and shading. If your dad has any creative hobbies or is thinking about pursuing one, this is a perfect gift. You can give Dad hours of creativity, productivity and recreation with the latest Apple iPad.

3. For Dads With Outdoorsy Hobbies: Samsung Galaxy S21

If you're looking to give Dad a new smartphone this year, one of your best options is the Samsung Galaxy S21. The S21 has the fastest processing chip of any Samsung phone yet, allowing for high-powered multitasking and faster-than-ever streaming. It also has 8K resolution video capabilities, showing smooth action at 24 frames per second. The S21 also has optimized power consumption for longer battery life, a contour cut camera and 30-times zoom capabilities.

But what sets the S21 apart is its screen technology. The Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen is visible under bright sunlight, addressing a common pain point for smartphone users. If your dad loves being outdoors under the sun, the S21 is the best new phone for him. You can choose from the standard model, the ultra or the plus.

For Dads Who Prefer Flip Phones:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a compact square when folded and a full-screen smartphone when opened.

4. For Dads Who Prefer Flip Phones: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

You may have thought the era of the flip phone was long gone, but Samsung has revolutionized flip phone technology. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a compact square when folded and a full-screen smartphone when opened. Dad could also use it as a mini laptop — the screen holds its position at multiple angles. The Z Flip is like nothing else on the market.

When open, this phone offers 6.7 inches of AMOLED screen display, and its hideaway hinge creates a seamless look from the back. It also has a quality camera with advanced night-photography technology. The folding feature allows Dad to use the phone as its own steady tripod. For a modern twist on the classic flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy S Flip is a standalone choice.

5. For Dads Who Keep Things Simple: Alcatel GoFlip 3

For dads who are a little less tech-savvy or prefer to keep things simple, the Alcatel GoFlip 3 is a great Father's Day tech gift. It's a classic, rugged flip phone with both a 2.8-inch internal display and a 1.44-inch external display. The GoFlip 3 offers 32 gigabytes of storage and a 7.9-hour battery life with each charge.

The large, tactile keyboard is perfect for dads with vision impairments or motor function issues. The phone's hearing aid compatibility makes it ideal for dads with hearing impairments, as well. It offers simple, easy-to-use accessibility and comes with the voice-activated Google assistant for booking appointments, making phone calls and performing online searches.

6. For Dads Who Like to Chat: F980 Bluetooth Headset

Being able to chat on the phone hands-free has tons of advantages. The F980 Wireless Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset allows for just that. It filters out external noise for improved call clarity, it works on either the right or left ear and it allows for connection to two devices at once.

With a high-quality Bluetooth headset, Dad will be able to chat while finishing his do-it-yourself projects, making lunch or commuting to work. For dads who love to chat throughout the day, the F980 Bluetooth Headset is a thoughtful gift.

7. For Dads Who Love Music: FiiO M6

If your dad is a big music lover, a device dedicated to holding and playing music could make a special gift. Though smartphones have improved speaker technology over time, a separate device will free up plenty of storage space on your dad's phone and preserve his phone's battery life. MP3 players are designed with acoustics in mind, which enhances the listening experience, too.

Dads who love music will appreciate the FiiO M6 Music Player. The small 3.2-inch touch screen makes for easy portability, and the 13-hour battery life means Dad can keep jamming all day long. He can connect it to any Bluetooth-capable device or use its headphone jack or USB port. The M6 also makes a great sound-enhancer for other devices. 

8. For Dads Who Love Apple Music: 7th Gen Apple iPod Touch

If your music-loving dad would prefer an Apple-compatible device, the 7th Gen Apple iPod Touch is the perfect music player. It has plenty of room for your dad's complete song library with your choice of 32GB, 128GB or 256GB. It comes with EarPods and a charging cable. With a compact size of 4.86 inches by 2.31 inches, it's perfect for listening on the go.

The iPod Touch goes beyond audio playback. It also has an 8-megapixel camera, FaceTime capabilities, built-in Bluetooth and Siri. If you're looking for a simple yet powerful Apple music player, the latest Apple iPod Touch is a quality choice. You can even engrave it with a personal message to make it extra special.

9. For Dads Who Navigate: Universal Cup Holder Phone Mount

Dads who drive a lot need a car mount. Car mounts allow for safe, hands-free navigation, music playing and calling. If your dad sticks his phone in any random spot, it could fall to the floor as soon as he hits a bump. If you're looking for a way to make Dad's daily life both easier and safer, buy him a car mount this Father's Day.

You can find quite a few phone mount choices on the market, but TOPGO's Universal Cup Holder Phone Mount is one of the best options out there. It secures into various cup holder sizes, locking into place. Some mounts rely on suction cups, adhering to the dashboard or window, but a cup holder mount is much likelier to stay in place.

TOPGO's cup holder mount fits any device between 2.2-inches and 4-inches wide, so Dad could even use it for his MP3 player. Another useful feature is its adjustable 8-inch long neck with 360-degree spin. This feature allows the person in the passenger seat to use the device, as well. The phone mount itself is also rotational so Dad can use his device in either portrait or landscape mode. You can see why this TOPGO mount has great reviews online. It would make an awesome unique gift for Dad.

For Dads Always on the Go:

Anker PowerCore Fusion Charger

Is Dad's phone always dying while he's at work or running errands? If so, a useful, practical gift would be an Anker PowerCore Fusion Charger. 

10. For Dads Always on the Go: Anker PowerCore Fusion Charger

Is Dad's phone always dying while he's at work or running errands? If so, a useful, practical gift would be an Anker PowerCore Fusion Charger. Unlike most other power banks, the Fusion charger works both plugged into the wall and on the go. When plugged in, it charges both Dad's device and its own internal battery. Dad can then use it for one to two wireless charges, depending on the device in question. Its wall plug is foldable for better portability, and it comes with a travel pouch.

You can choose the color Dad would prefer from either red, black or white. The Fusion can charge cell phones, tablets, GPSs, game consoles and any USB devices. While a lot of power banks are longer and wider than the average phone, the PowerCore Fusion is only 2.7 inches by 2.8 inches, perfect for Dad's pocket.

11. For Dads With Fitness Goals: Samsung Galaxy Active2 Smartwatch

Wearable tech has many benefits, especially for those with fitness goals. A device-pairable watch will allow Dad to track his workouts and sleep habits while receiving notifications and reminders. A great smartwatch option is the Samsung Galaxy Active2, which comes in five different sleek designs and colors.

The Active2 is a health monitoring expert, with advanced sensors for pace coaching, heart rate alerts and sleep tracking. It also reads stress levels and has a built-in deep-breathing and meditation app. It's useful beyond workouts, as well — it can make calls, show notifications and play music, pairing with a Spotify account. The Active2 watch could also be a life-saver, thanks to its send-for-help feature. It's a perfect gift whether Dad uses an Android or an iPhone, as it's compatible with both operating systems.

12. For Dads Who Are Germaphobes: PhoneSoap Ultraviolet Sanitizer

At one point or another, you may have heard someone say your phone is the dirtiest object in your house. If your dad likes to keep things clean, a thoughtful, unique gift would be a PhoneSoap Ultraviolet Sanitizer. It kills the microbes on a device using ultraviolet (UV) technology.

This product almost looks like a miniature tanning bed, closing over Dad's device while leaving a gap for a charging cord. PhoneSoap's unique design attacks germs on Dad's entire device — front, back and edges. Dad can put it on his bedside table and sleep easier knowing his phone's germs are being slain. It's the most effective, tech-friendly way to kill device germs. If you've ever seen your dad clean his phone with an alcohol wipe, this would be a perfect gift for him.

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