Galaxy Ace S5839i

There is no market value for this device. While we can’t offer monetary payment for this device, by recycling with us, you can be rest assured the device will be responsibly recycled – and be diverted from the landfill!

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About Pricing

ecoATM prices your device dynamically at the kiosk based on condition and daily market prices. These prices are a guideline for what you might expect for your device. Your actual price may be higher or lower.


ecoATM pays at the top end of the range for devices in various conditions including slight external damage. It does not need to be brand new to receive top price. We check external condition and electronic condition before determining a price.

Market Prices

ecoATM shops for a price via a world wide network of vetted and environmentally safe buyers. We offer the highest price we can find within this network. Keep in mind that prices tend to drop over time, so your phone will be worth more today than it will be in one month.